Happy Birthday

Happy birthday Papa!!! I am so grateful to have you as a father. I love you!

I'm on a Lake!

As we were driving up to Park City to go snowboarding, I told Scott how I have always wanted to go on a lake so he just pulled over and I got to go on a lake! It was kinda scary because you can hear the ice breaking beneath you.
Us being newlyweds...
Afterwards we made our way up to Park City and had a fun sunny day of snowboarding.
Scott likes to switch it up sometimes and goes skiing. He is actually pretty good at it for going only a few times...


The sledding crew, minus Apes cause she is taking the pic. These guys made it all the way from Carlsbad and I was so stoked to be able to spend some time with them. We went sledding in Highland. It's fun to see how much these boys love the snow.
This is my sister April (I call her Apes). She is one of my biggest examples of how to be a good mother. I am so amazed at how loving and patient she is. Hopefully I can be like her one day.
Scott and the boys would start snowball fights with each other. I think Caleb liked it more than sledding
Scott is so cute with my nephews! He is always playing with them and helping out. They are starting to love him more than me!! But look how cute this picture is... Scott is practicing for offspring in 5 years or so.


We spent Christmas eve at Scott's Grandma & Grandpa Hyde's house. I'm really sad that I don't have that many pictures... but we had a great time! We had a traditional nativity play (Jessica makes an amazing angel), white elephant gift exchange, and lots of food. It's fun to see what Scott's Christmases are like.
Sawyer is such a cute baby. I love her riding around on her little horse in her diaper.
Our first Christmas together!!! We were at Scott's parents house in Maple Valley. Don't you like our stocking together? I thought it was cute for Santa to write my name in :)
Aren't these girls so cute? These are my new nieces: Brooklyn, Haven, and Sawyer. Grandma bought them matching jammies for Christmas morning.
Biggest surprise! Scott had me convinced that this snowboarding coat was sold out at his work. I have been obsessing over it, and was so surprised when I opened it.
Funny story... Scott got Corey this shirt for Christmas, and like the day before Christmas, Corey was wearing the same shirt but in white. Scott was soo sad to still give it to him...
The aftermath... tired and presents everywhere!!!


The day after christmas we took a stroll around the Seattle center and Pike's Place. These are some of my favorite pictures! We had so much fun just walking around! I love all the new memories with my husband!
Had to stop and take a pic with the space needle...
I love the space needle poking thru in this picture. Seattle, why are you so cute?
I love the colors, and the energy here.
I love all of the artwork and posters all the wall. Seattle is becoming one of my most favorite cities!
Oh don't mind us, we are just still being newlyweds!
I have to contribute to the gum wall every time! This wall amazes me.
HAHA Jess caught a fish at the famous Pike's Place... This was almost a big disaster!
I love my new sisters! They are so easy to get along with! I can tell already that we are gonna have fun together.
The whole family damily!
This photo should be switched around... I'm pretty sure scott is the catch!

There was an ice sculpture contest thingy and I love this one! Cute little photo OP

What a good guy...

After snow storms, Scott goes outside and scrapes my car without me asking... What a good husband! I caught him in the act. Love you!


Even though there was lots of disappointing times, it was still a fun season!

Witches, pumpkins, and candy!!!

This year for halloween, Scott and I were street performers! 8 cans of silver spray paint, $20 in DI clothing, and many fumes later, we LOVED our costumes! Scott thought of this idea. I love him.

Ole, Ole, Ole!

Have you been to a Real Salt Lake soccer game? Well if not you should. On Halloween, we went to the soccer game for free and it was SO MUCH FUN!!! It was amazing because we left our seats and sat with the true fans. There was confetti, drumming, chanting in spanish, partial nudity (pictures below), and tons of craziness.
After the free game, we got free burritos at Chipotle! You just had to show up dressed up as a burrito for halloween. Basically come with a piece of tin foil and you would not be denied a tasty burrito


So Scott got me fishing boots as a wedding gift, and I LOVE them!! And here's why... it promotes time together while enjoying the outdoors. I wanted to prove that I use them and am now a fishing woman!


Since we didn't have much time in between the big day and school starting, we decided to just hang out in SD/Orange County. We had a blast hotel hopping, Padres game, riding bikes around... Man I miss being tan :(
Scott and I enjoying complimentary breakfast and huge 2 bedroom hotels... I think I will always tell hotels I'm on my honeymoon just to get the perks! Do you like my mickey mouse pancake?