Bye Bye Nicky

Nick graduated from BYU in the Marriott School of Business for marketing... Go Nick!! I'm so proud of him! But I am also sad. He moved back home to Carlsbad, and left me in Utah! We had so much fun together but it's time to enter the real world...

Second love of my life!

Our family got a puppy a few months back and her name is Lula! I am officially one of those crazy people who love their dog now... but seriously, how cute is she??

Her name is Lula, but we have quite a few nicknames for her such as: Lou, Louie, RuRa, Roo, Lucifer, Baby Puppy, Rooster (one of my faves)

She has already learned how to sit, lay, shake, high five, and catch treats off of her nose. We go for hikes almost every day now and she is my favorite hiking buddy!

Great... now I feel like I have a mommy blog


I'm on board with Jimmermania! But I also have been a BYU basketball fan since I moved up to Utah. In fact, I almost turned down my first date with my now husband because I wanted to go to a game instead. I love college basketball and have been to more games that most BYU students! We had sooo much fun this season! I even was lucky enough to go to Denver to watch them dominate Gonzaga. These are just a few highlights of the season

Can you find me??

My life lately

So as I promised, I am going to get back on the blog wagon! Since there is sooo much that I haven't shared, here's a few photos about what I have been up to!

Snowboarding at Park City
Officially became a nurse!
Sister-in-law got married and she looks AMAZING!!!
I went snowshoeing for the first time...

...and fell going downhill. Scott thought this was hilarious
We went to SD for Christmas this year and the weather was BEAUTIFUL! We had so much fun hanging out, going on hikes, going to the beach, beach break cafe... the usuals
Hiking in Torrey Pines
My good friend Lauren got married
Scott became a redneck... he found these old camo overalls and his parents bought a 4-wheeler and Polaris RZR
I surprised Scott with our anniversary at Red Lobster! Not a typical 1 year anniversary place, but Scott has always wanted to try it. He thought I got reservations at a fancy restaurant, but when I parked the car, he was SOOO surprised I picked Red Lobster. I think that was our last time going tho... Still not a fan!
We went to my first Mariners game. I have always been a Padres fan, but I guess I can root for the Mariners too.
Team Ichiro

Sorry I'm the world's worst blogger... but I plan on making a comeback when I take the biggest test of my life! Once I pass, I will officially be Jenna Hyde, RN!!! yesssss! I can't wait!

Silhouette Nick

I've been having fun in my computer applications and I wanted to share my latest project. I had to turn a photo I have taken into an abstract picture. It's pretty fun!

Some things I have been loving lately...

For some reason I woke up this morning with so much gratitude in my heart. Some of the small things that have been making me so happy are:

1. My Scott helping me become a better person each day
2. Scattered rainstorms.
3. Adobe illustrator (the possibilities are endless!)
4. Soel. I'm so lucky to be able to go to work and have a smile on my face.
5. Preparing for the NCLEX... this means I'm almost a nurse!
6. Exercising on a more regular basis
7. Friends coming back to Provo
8. Pandora, Lykke Li station
9. 100% for 100 days. Everyday I feel my testimony growing

This list can go on and on. Let's remind ourselves of the little things that make us happy! Gratitude is contagious!

recipe cards!

I'm really excited because I always wanted to organize my recipe box so that all the cards were the same, but that would have cost a fortune! Then I realized that I could make my own... so this is what I came up with. I'm excited to run to kinkos and get these printed off right away!

dilemma solved!

So I've always been pretty anti bathing suit online shopping, but I found this ADORABLE dkny swimsuit on ruelala ( and decided I had to by it. I wanted something fun but with coverage. You can't really tell, but the stomach has a part that wraps around and ties. Plus it was a good price! I feel like I made a good choice... do you?