Family, beach, and love... the best week!!

First day.
Family beach day! Look how cute Scott is carrying our nephew on his shoulders. I still cant believe the amazing weather we had the whole trip!
We made a little friend on the beach. He came and hung out for a little, and then returned to his home. He was just a cute little baby
I love to see the temple! 7 months after we got married, we returned to worship and show our love to our Savior.
Second day.
Another mellow beach day.
Scott really likes iceplant. I don't know why, but he makes me laugh. He says it is fun to walk on.
Third Day.
Beach day! Dear beach, I will always love you.
Fourth day.
April invited us for a fun hiking day. It wasn't an intense hike, but we wanted to do something a 2-year-old would enjoy. I love being with them, and April has been so good at being with us every day! Thanks Apes.
Davin is doing this funny thing lately... he doesn't like his picture being taken so when you point a camera at him, he yells "No picture, no picture!" and waves his hands all around. It's quite hilarious.
Today was also a bad day... Scott's camera broke. At least I have my camera, but we left it at home. It's not fun to have a camera break on vacation.

Fifth day.
Saturday morning was a perfect day for the beach. Unfortunately it was a little to overcrowded for my taste, but it was 75-80 degrees mid March. How could you not love San Diego? Then we realized our beloved Cougars were not gonna be broadcast on our CBS station so we had to figure out what sports bar that showed all the games. We ended up at this small sports bar that had about 60-70 TVs EVERYWHERE! It was awesome. If only our Cougars could have beat Kansas State. This is a crummy picture that we took from our camera phone.
Sixth day.
The day of rest, and I did just that. Went to church and were "going" to hike torrey pines trails, but we ended up taking up a nap after church and didn't wake up for a couple of hours... woops. Then my sis came over with the boys and we ate my moms famous lasagna. Happy Sundays.

Seventh day.
We didn't have too much time before we had to go to the airport so we shopped at Surf Ride, ate acai bowls, and had breakfast burritos yumm! Thanks for the fun weekend family. I love you. Oh yea on the airplane ride back, we met Elder Tom Perry!


I just got inspired!! Doesn't this video just motivate you? It makes me want to tap into my creative side and use my talents. "Remember that you are spirit daughters of the most creative being of the universe"... cool.

Anywhere but here.

Don't get me wrong, I LOVE Utah!!! but as I look out of this classroom window to the ugly brown snow, dead trees outside, and I just have a need to get out of here! So this is where I want to be... Hawaii. I want to go on some cool hike and enjoy nature, and then go to the beach. Good thing I am going home to Carlsbad in 11 days. I think I can last until then.


Scott and I are really excited because we bought our first Blu-ray DVD player that also lets us stream netflix videos... now we just have to hook it up and buy netflix! Time to put Scott's handy skills to the test.