Silhouette Nick

I've been having fun in my computer applications and I wanted to share my latest project. I had to turn a photo I have taken into an abstract picture. It's pretty fun!

Some things I have been loving lately...

For some reason I woke up this morning with so much gratitude in my heart. Some of the small things that have been making me so happy are:

1. My Scott helping me become a better person each day
2. Scattered rainstorms.
3. Adobe illustrator (the possibilities are endless!)
4. Soel. I'm so lucky to be able to go to work and have a smile on my face.
5. Preparing for the NCLEX... this means I'm almost a nurse!
6. Exercising on a more regular basis
7. Friends coming back to Provo
8. Pandora, Lykke Li station
9. 100% for 100 days. Everyday I feel my testimony growing

This list can go on and on. Let's remind ourselves of the little things that make us happy! Gratitude is contagious!