Pain pain go away!

I've been having a little post car crash pain, so I went to see the best doctor in the world!! His name is Dr. Porter and he is a family doctor as well as an orthopedic doctor. Luckily he said my neck pain should go away on its own, but the better news is that he figured out why I've been having sooo much back pain. It turns out that my right leg is 1/4 of an inch longer than the left. With the simple solution of a shoe lift, I will hopefully be pain free! With years of lower back pain, this is the best news I have ever heard! Thank you Dr. Porter!
*although these shoes do create lift, you will never catch me wearing these horrendous fashion mistake... how did these ever become "trendy"

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  1. AHHHHHHHHh seriously the most disgusting shoe...but those dumb skechers toning shoes are a close second.

    i am glad dr. porter could help you!