The day after christmas we took a stroll around the Seattle center and Pike's Place. These are some of my favorite pictures! We had so much fun just walking around! I love all the new memories with my husband!
Had to stop and take a pic with the space needle...
I love the space needle poking thru in this picture. Seattle, why are you so cute?
I love the colors, and the energy here.
I love all of the artwork and posters all the wall. Seattle is becoming one of my most favorite cities!
Oh don't mind us, we are just still being newlyweds!
I have to contribute to the gum wall every time! This wall amazes me.
HAHA Jess caught a fish at the famous Pike's Place... This was almost a big disaster!
I love my new sisters! They are so easy to get along with! I can tell already that we are gonna have fun together.
The whole family damily!
This photo should be switched around... I'm pretty sure scott is the catch!

There was an ice sculpture contest thingy and I love this one! Cute little photo OP

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